How To Ensure Rapid Growth In Your Acupuncture Practice

acupuncture clinic and atmosphere

For any acupuncture specialist, the ideal scenario is a list of patients whose confidence in your expertise has turned them to commit to long-term treatment. However, in reality, patient retention is one of the significant challenges for any medical practice, especially in the field of alternative medicine. Sometimes a practitioner may feel a little helpless as his patients come and go, never to be consulted again.

Being a great acupuncturist is not a definitive answer to this challenge. You have to plant the seeds for patient loyalty. Following are some ideas to retain your patients and grow your acupuncture practice.  You can also learn from an expert on how to grow your acupuncture practice at

Create an excellent atmosphere at your clinic


The atmosphere of any place is crucial to delivering an exceptional experience. No matter how worthy the standard of your treatment, the picture will be destroyed by ugly lighting, dirty restrooms, uncomfortable furniture, bad smells, or annoying muzak.

appreciate your acupuncture paitent characteristics

Turn your clinic into an exclusive zone by modifying or renovating the things. People will want to return.

If you need exciting ideas to jazz up your acupuncture clinic, try to remember the refreshing environments that have left you with a good lasting impression. Don’t hesitate to seek help from an interior decorator.

Appreciate your patient’s characteristics


Whenever a new person meets us, we often fall back on categorical thinking. It’s easy to degrade a person to a stereotype, be they a surfer dude, a soccer mom, aging hippie, or a sports jock.

However, nobody wants to be pigeon-holed. We may seem to be one sort of person, but inside we all personally feel like Walt Whitman: a body full of multitudes, right? So what if we contradict ourselves?

Don’t figure out your patient too quickly. Loyalty will grow when he or she feels honored as an individual.

Go the extra mile

go the extra mile for your patients

“The key is to set practical customer expectations, and then to exceed them in unexpected and helpful ways,” says Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Records.

This tip is a bit of a no-brainer. To grow your acupuncture practice, you should avoid making promises to your patients that you can’t keep, but try to go the extra mile with them. Although, there is no shortcut to this and patients will take your efforts for granted. The majority of people will come away with the strong impression that you really care for them – and come to trust you.

Be professionally organized

be professionaly organized in your practice

Are your telephone numbers misplaced? Appointments out of order? Files all over the place?

As an acupuncture practitioner, disorganization is not only money and time-wasting hassle for you — but it also delivers a very negative impression on your patient. Keep your operation up-to-date and streamlined with professional acupuncture management software. Patients will feel more convinced if you have got everything under control.

Investing in management software can help reduce the burden on your patients. An integrated system can also help cut down on repetitive form-filling by managing new patients.

Engage your patients

engage your acupuncture patients

A patient wants to know that their treatment plan has a direction. If they see a complete track record of their plan on paper or a screen, preferably with the improvements they have made, they won’t lose track.

Avoid sending your patients out the door and hope for the best. Engage them by following up on their health progress by phone or mail.

Get on social media

get on social media

You can’t really grow your acupuncture practice without realizing the potential of social media – a group of platforms for the majority of people to engage with society.

Invest your time to be active on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. An active social media presence will invite your patients to engage with you and discuss their problems or share their progress. Positive reviews on your profile and your professional attitude also help attract new patients.